Questions about our salon and membership services

Our salon policies

do you have to be a member to come to the salon? 

You are not obligated to become a member to take advantage of our luxury services.  A full a la carte menu of services is available to have you looking and feeling your best!

We encourage everyone to become a member because of the benefits it offers. Essentially, our membership system is budgeting your personal maintenance for you!  With the basic membership you receive monthly haircuts to ensure you have healthy, great looking hair every day along with the other membership perks listed! 

is there a contract for membership?

Because of the value the membership offers, there is a 3 month commitment for the memberships. This gives you the true value of the membership and also ensures the salon doesn't lose revenue on the value of a la carte services. 

Please ask about special month to month and year membership options. 

How many appointments can i schedule? 

The services are unlimited, meaning that you may get as many services that are included in your membership as you like per month as long as it would not be damaging to your hair or nails etc.  However, to ensure that we can do that you may only book 2 appointments at a time.